Forget your morning walk, hit snooze and plan to WFH tomorrow – Wednesday morning could be the city’s coldest since August 29, 2018. Temperatures are forecast to reach just 1 degree in the city, with surrounding suburbs pegged to be even frostier.

According to BOM forecaster Michael Efron, the very cold, very dry air that crossed the state in the wake of Sunday’s cold front was to blame for the run of chilly mornings we’ll be shivering through for most of this week.

“The combination of clear skies, light winds and dry air means that once the sun sets, we can see the temperature plummeting across the state, including Melbourne,” he told Broadsheet.

On Tuesday morning, temperatures dropped below zero across large parts of Victoria. Alpine regions quite literally froze, with Mount Hotham and Falls Creek getting down to around -7 degrees and Mount Buller recording a bone chilling -7.8.

Across Greater Melbourne on Tuesday morning, temperatures were 4 to 8 degrees below average. The city got down to 3.8 degrees at 6.50 a.m., and Viewbank nearly hit freezing, dropping to a blistery 0.1 degrees.

“It’s all driven by this really large high-pressure system moving across south-eastern Australia,” Efron explained. “It’s moving very slowly, which drags out how long we’ll be feeling the cold.”

But there are blue skies ahead, and the payoff, Efron says, is that these frosty mornings won’t be followed by miserable days. Instead, we should enjoy clear and reasonably mild conditions once the sun gets high enough.

Both Wednesday and Thursday look set to offer us some clear, crisp afternoons with very little wind, and as the weekend approaches Efron predicts mild weather with mornings becoming less bitter. Sunday could reach a clement 18 degrees, with a light northerly and clear skies expected.

All in all, Ephron says, “Once you get through the cold mornings, it’s not looking to be too bad of a week.”