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Ochre-colored sand dunes in Namibia


Borders are opening to US travelers and we are just as excited as you are. This is a unique time in travel history, with fewer crowds and extra excitement. For those who are ready to travel, the rewards are great, and for those who are still dreaming, we are ready when you are.

Below is a list of places you can travel now with GeoEx.

We are closely monitoring the new regulations and procedures as countries open and are here to guide you through them towards your next adventure. GeoEx includes the best medical evacuation and rescue services in the industry for COVID and non-COVID medical illnesses and injuries.

What our guests are saying about GeoEx’s support, traveling during the pandemic:
“I was so glad I went through you. We would have messed it up if we had to do it ourselves. We would never have known what to do. We would never have known where to go. We would never even have made it through Johannesburg airport. Thank you.”
–Karlene B.

Last updated October 8, 2021**


A mother and baby hippo in the Okavango Delta, Botswana


Wildlife is plentiful all year, with rains reviving the Kalahari Desert and birthing season November-April and wildlife congregating around water sources May–October. Open for travel.

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Breeze down the Nile River in a traditional dahabeya and explore the temples and tombs of Luxor during the cooler months of October–April. Open for travel.

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From the shade of a teak tree, experience the vibrant colors and sounds of Ashanti art and celebrations during the November–March dry season. Open for travel.

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Young lion cubs playing in the Masai Mara, Kenya


See the great wildebeest migration July–September. Green season safaris inspire with baby animals and lush landscapes November–February. Open for travel.

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With climates ranging from snowy mountaintops to sizzling deserts, the best of both worlds can be had in spring and fall. Open for travel; some restrictions—please contact us for details.

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The beautiful beaches of Mozambique are at their best with little rain and slightly cooler temperatures May–October. Open for travel.

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Orange dunes meet clear skies in the dry season June–September while green vegetation and breeding wildlife can be seen October–May. Open for travel.

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Gorilla tracking is at its best June–September and December–February with drier conditions. Green season is ideal for Chimpanzee tracking. Open for travel; 24-hour quarantine on arrival required.

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Aerial of Praslin Island, Seychelles


Truly a year-round destination, May-September brings the best conditions for surfing, while October-April are warmer with calm seas for snorkeling. Open for travel.

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Vineyards in Constantia, Cape Winelands, South Africa


Spring and fall are ideal, but this is a year-round destination with wildlife, wine-tasting, and ocean adventures. Open for travel.

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The golden sands and UNESCO archeological sites are ideal December–February with cooler temperatures and clear skies. Open for travel.

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An ideal time for safari is June–October for the great migration, which can be seen heading south November–December. Wildebeest calving season is January–February. Open for travel.

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Baby mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda


Tracking gorillas through the lush rain forest is most comfortable during the dry seasons January–March and June–October. Open for travel.

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A hippo in the shallow waters of the Luangwa River at sunrise, Zambia


Walking safaris and game drives along the Zambezi River are best June–September in the dry season. Victoria Falls is spectacular April–May after the rains. Open for travel.

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Sunrise in the mist at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Cooler temperatures May–July is ideal for spotting predators and rhinos on safari. Victoria Falls is in full force April and May. Open for travel.

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The monastery of Goshavank, Armenia


The Silk Road history and mountain scenery of the Caucuses are delightful with spring wildflowers May-June and fall foliage September-October. Open for travel.

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Yurts in the fields of Naryn region, Kyrgyzstan


Cultural explorations and walks through dramatic gorges are best May–September, but lower elevations can be quite warm in June/July. Open for travel.

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November–April you can expect warm temperatures and clearer skies stretching out across the blue ocean and white sands. Open for travel; some restrictions—contact us for details.

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Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia


Grassy steppes, rolling dunes, and jagged mountains have mild weather June–August, also the time for the famed Naadam Festival. Open for travel; some restrictions—contact us for details.

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Snowcapped Himalayan peaks tower above the town of Pokhara, Nepal


Mountain views are ideal September–November and March–April with warm clear days perfect for trekking and touring in the Himalaya. Open for travel.

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Arcade along the courtyard of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan


Temples and mosques of southern cities and valleys see temperate conditions October–February, while summer brings clear mountain views to the slopes of the Hunza Valley. Open for travel.

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The gilded exterior of Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg, Russia


Take the Trans-Siberian Express or travel by road April–September when the climate is warm and dry or see onion domes blanketed in snow November–February. Open for travel; some restrictions—contact us for details.

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Polonnaruwa temple complex, Sri Lanka


With opposing monsoon patterns, December–March is ideal for tea plantations and central temples, while May–August is best for the lesser-known northeast. Open for travel.

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Traditional fishing boats and karsts in Krabi, Thailand


Southern beaches and northern cultural sites are cooler and drier November–March after the rainy season has passed. Open for travel; some restrictions—contact us for details.

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Tilework in the dome of the Gur-e-Amir mausoleum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan


March–June and September–November beat the heat of summer and chill of winter for pleasant strolls around ancient Silk Road cities and open-air bazaars. Open for travel.

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A hiker admiring the rushing waters Gullfoss Falls, Iceland


Summer brings long warm days to explore geothermal wonders, while there are chances to see the Northern Lights in September and April. Open for travel; fully vaccinated travelers only.

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Eilean Donan castle lit up at night, Scotland


These misty islands are most likely to have warm weather days May–September when long days give ample opportunity to explore verdant highlands and bustling cities. Open for travel.

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Fairy chimney rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey


Tour ancient monuments and historic mosques year-round, but the spring and fall offer ideal conditions for sailing the Aegean in a private gulet. Open for travel; some restrictions—please contact us for details.

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From high-altitude markets to tropical lowland colonial towns, the weather is dry April–October but consider the rainy season for Uyuni salt flat photography. Open for travel.

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Boats and colonial architecture in the coastal town of Paraty, Brazil


The best weather for Rio’s beaches and Iguaçu Falls is spring and fall, while the wetlands of the Pantanal are cool and dry May–October. Open for travel; high caseloads—please contact us.

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San Pedro Claver Church in Cartagena, Colombia


The tropical weather remains fairly consistent throughout the year, making travel possible anywhere from coffee country to the Caribbean coast. Open for travel.

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Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica


Wildlife is drawn towards rivers and rain forest hikes accompanied by toucans and tree frogs are most comfortable during the dry season December–April. Open for travel.

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Man with horses at Hacienda Zuleta, Ecuador


Straddling the equator, Ecuador is a year-round destination for an adventure through the colonial cities and highlands of the Andes. Open for travel.

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Red-footed boobie on Genovesa Island, Galapagos


Seas are calmer and clearer December–May and June–November is cooler and drier, but the wonderful wildlife is active year-round. Open for travel.

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Lake Atitlan with Toliman and Atitlan volcanoes, Guatemala


Cool and dry, November–April are the best months for exploring ancient Mayan ruins, vibrant markets, and volcano-ringed alpine lakes. Open for travel.

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Stepped pyramid of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, Mexico


The coasts and lowlands are dry and sunny November–April, perfect for the beaches and cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Open for travel.

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Volcanic landscapes and colonial architecture beckon November–January with comfortable temperatures and little rain. Open for travel.

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Caribbean waters are clear for snorkeling and diving December–March with dry sunny days for birdwatching and other delights. Open for travel.

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Machu Picchu is most likely to have clear skies and cool weather May–September. It’s also a great time for the colonial streets of Cusco. Open for travel.

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Couple in infinity pool at Origins Lodge, Costa Rica


From your own hacienda on the coast to a rain forest lodge takeover, we have exclusive options for many Latin America destinations.

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Looking up at the columns and carvings of the Treasury in Petra, Jordan


Explore Petra and Wadi Rum and swim in the Red Sea during spring March–May and fall September–November. Open for travel.

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Coastal towns along the Arabian Sea and Bedouin outposts in Wahiba Sands both enjoy comfortable climate September–April. Open for travel.

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Striking architecture of Doha's National Museum of Qatar


Cooler temperatures December–February are welcome while exploring city skylines, coastal waters, and desert dunes. Open for travel.

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Ushaiqer heritage village in Saudi Arabia


The desert rock art at Jubbah and hewn tombs at Mada’in Saleh sit under cool clear skies October–April, also a great time for sparkling cities. Open for travel.

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The Burj al Arab and the skyline in Dubai, UAE


Desert adventures and urban architecture can be experienced most comfortably during the cooler months November–March. Dubai and Abu Dhabi Emirates open for travel; some restrictions—please contact us for details.

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The long sunny days of June–September are the ideal time to travel by boat and plane, taking in glaciers, forests, and wildlife. Open for travel.

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Marching adelie penguins at Brown Bluff, Antarctica


Extreme conditions only allow travel during the southern summer, November–February. Penguin chicks appear in December and January. Expected to open for travel November 1, 2021 via Argentina.

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Cascades of Iguazu Falls, Argentina


From northern deserts to Patagonian parks, Argentina has many microclimates. Visit September–November or March–May for the best weather overall. Expected to open November 1, 2021.

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Sunlight on the peaks of Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile


Southern hemisphere spring (September–November) and fall (March–May) have warm temperatures and clear skies for mountain views. Open for travel. 5-day quarantine will be dropped November 1, 2021.

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Entering through the front gate at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India


The cooler drier conditions October–March is ideal for exploring architecture and tracking tigers, while Himalayan Ladakh is best May–September. Expected to open November 15, 2021.

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A ring-tailed lemur seen through the trees in Madagascar


The cool, dry weather April–November is agreeable when looking for lemurs or ambling among the baobab trees. Expected to open in October.

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**Regulations are changing frequently. While we endeavor to keep this page up to date, we also encourage you to contact one of our experts for the very latest news on your desired destination.

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