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Small Boat Cruises

Small boats, carefully chosen for the best water-based explorations

Phinisi schooner at sunset in Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Small Ship Expedition Cruises

Slicing through the water approaching your destination and the yet undiscovered adventures it holds, cruising brings a different perspective to travel and access to sites unreachable by other means. We're not talking about floating hotels that could hold the entire population of Alaska. We offer a carefully curated collection of experiences aboard intimately-sized vessels appropriate for the region. From wooden schooners to steel yachts, smaller boats afford a high level of service, flexibility, and personal attention. Add comfortable cabins and accomplished chefs on board and you may never want to leave.

Archipelagos are made for island-hopping, anchoring in a different destination every day or stopping along the way to snorkel or kayak in azure waters. Coastal trips could mean meandering along the Mediterranean exploring archaeological wonders or navigating icebergs and marveling at glaciers in polar waters. Gliding along with the current, branching off into tributaries, and passing shoreline villages, river cruises are great for slow travel and absorbing a true sense of place.

  • Yacht through evolutionary history in the Galápagos Islands, as naturalist guides introduce you to marine iguanas and sea lions.
  • Watch for whales and walrus from the bow of a nuclear icebreaker, cruising the Arctic Circle under the midnight sun.
  • Ply the Aegean on a Turkish gulet, sailing under starry skies and over turquoise water, as you explore the rugged coastline.
  • Wake to the call of the howler monkey, meet rain forest tribes, explore Amazon wildlife, and return each evening to relax on deck at the bar or jacuzzi.
  • Travel like an early explorer, under the two sails of a beautifully appointed Egyptian dahabeya, cruising the Nile and all of its temple treasures.

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Our Small Boat & Expedition Cruises

A kayaker paddles past an iceberg in the fjords of Alaska
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Antarctica Air Cruises

A Concise, Comprehensive Look at the White Continent

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An Expedition Cruise into Arctic Svalbard for Polar Bears and More

The North Pole

Cruise to the Top of the World

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Fun Fact

Charles Darwin cruised the Galapagos for only five weeks in 1835, but what he saw there inspired evolutionary theory.

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