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Effortless enjoyment as the scenery rolls by

The Golden Eagle luxury train travels past Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Luxury Train Tours

Rail journeys transport you in style through some of the world's most astounding landscapes. There is no more elegant and comfortable way to traverse the many miles of ancient trade routes, absorbing the scenery of remote villages and rural life as you roll by en route to historic cities and far-flung monuments. Disembarking at local stations, get to know the diverse people, culture, ancient history, and architecture of each place with knowledgeable local guides who show you their corner of the world with personal insight and special experiences. For more adventure, GeoEx can bookend your luxury train vacation with tailor-made extensions. 

The trains themselves are havens, luxury hotels on wheels with superb service, fine dining, and elegant surroundings. Unwind in well-appointed cabins, each with a view that constantly changes, and socialize in lounge and dining cars that bring to mind the halcyon days of dressing for dinner and cocktail hour. Unpack once, traveling without wasting time checking in and out of hotels or languishing in immigration lines at obscure airports with iffy connections. Everything you need is on board and an attendant is always standing by to assist with requests. Embark on a civilized journey, watching spectacular scenery slide by and relaxing in your private cabin.

  • Trace the Silk Road from Beijing to Moscow, stopping to ride camels in the Gobi Desert and investigate ancient cities in Merv and Khiva.
  • Wander a pagan temple, palace, and royal baths in Armenia, then tour a historic winery and savor a local vintage in Georgia, where wine was invented.
  • Enjoy a massage on board the Deccan Odyssey, crossing northern India from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.
  • Listen to the whistle of a classic steam train blow, rounding Lake Baikal on the Trans-Siberian Express route.
  • Pass through the Arctic Circle, rolling through Siberia, stopping for a drink at the Snow Hotel, and looking to the sky for the Northern Lights.

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Fun Fact

The Trans-Siberian Railways system between Moscow and Vladivostok is the longest railway in the world with 5,772 miles of track.

The Golden Eagle luxury train travels past Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
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