Silvery metallics, the fluid rainbow of holographic material and high-shine black vinyl may make you nostalgic for Y2K fashion. But these campy, futuristic fabrics are fairly ubiquitous once more. The trend can seem pretty full-on, but you don’t need to don it head-to-toe to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

“It really depends on who you are,” says stylist Jamie Azzopardi. “If you’re the kind of person that wears a uniform, you’re probably not all that enticed to go out and look like a highlighter.”

In other words, you’re best-off approaching things in a way that makes you feel comfortable. “I think there is a way for everybody to incorporate this look into their wardrobes.” Here are some of his tips.

Start small

For newbies, chrome accessories are the easiest entry point to the trend. (Frank Green has even released a range of chrome water bottles and cups available in chrome silver, chrome gold, chrome blue and chrome rainbow if you want to dip a toe in.)

If you’re looking to subtly incorporate high-shine chrome and holographic elements into your look, Azzopardi’s advice is experiment. “You can wear them with any outfit but being bold takes practice,” says Azzopardi. “Make sure you do them little by little – a drink bottle, a necklace – then work your way to bigger statement pieces.”

“If you’re wearing [chrome] accessories, then try it first with a plain outfit – something neutral and basic – and build to your comfort,” he says.

Invest in a hero piece

Whatever your fashion tendencies, Azzopardi believes it’s always possible to add some luxe holographic or chrome colour into your outfit. If you favour “the military trend” he recommends pairing your khaki look with holographic glasses, if you’re looking to up the ante (but don’t want to look like you’re cosplaying) you can “wear it in a more modern chic way in a pleated skirt or a detailed pant”.

Holographic fabrics naturally draw the eye and add energy to an outfit, so you don’t need to go overboard. Invest in a single piece, and use that to elevate a more understated look.

“If you’re wearing it as a hero piece, then make it the stand out feature and wear it with neutrals so it really pops,” says Azzopardi.

With the cool season well and truly here, Azzopardi says that now is the perfect time to get a feel for how chrome works with colours that are already in your wardrobe. “It’s easy as winter lends itself to this trend,” says Azzopardi. “Pair it with whites and creams to start then build to browns, blacks, denim and colours.”

Chuck out the rulebook

As always, the best rule when it comes to trying out trends is that there really aren’t any rules. “If we just allow ourselves a brief escape [by wearing] one piece of clothing or one fashion accessory that is a little bit out there, that is okay,” says Azzopardi.

Chrome naturally adds a strong sense of texture and dynamic colour to an outfit, so don’t be afraid to back your own sense of style and lean right into it. “I say do it – more is more so go big or go home!” Azzopardi says.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Frank Green.